Hide a message into a picture


To save your message into a picture, you must load a picture which you want to save your message into. (Currently BMP & JPG file formats are supported).

** If you load an JPG file and save message to it, the original image will be damaged a little bit. because JPG format is originally a 'data loss algorithm' and Secretpicture sqeezes your message into it.

** A BMP file with 2^16 or 2^32 color will remain not be damaged at all. It will look exactly same as original picture.

Now, run 'SecretPicture' and load a picture you want to save your message into.

And write down a message you want to save. Then Click 'Save Picture' button. A standard 'File Save' dialog will appear. Please specify the name of your 'secret picture'.

Then SecretPicture will ask you to enter a password for this picture. Please enter and click 'OK' button.

This is the result screen.

If you set the program option to send e-mail after 'Message hiding' operation, (Like this)

Then SecretPicture will show you a mail dialog.

You can send the 'secret picture' to your friend by e-mail right away.