I'm so glad to introduce 'SecretPicture' to you.

With SecretPicture you can


1. Hide a message inside a graphic file.

The result graphic file is look nearly (or exactly) same to the proginal file.
One will never think that the graphic file is holding your message inside.

2. Check(Read) if any message stored in a picture.

You can check a graphic file whether it has any hidden message inside.
And if you know the password, you can read it.

3. Protect your message with password

The message hidden inside the picture will be encrypted with a password you enter.
Only the one who know the password can read the message.

4. Send a 'SecretPicture' to a friend with e-mail.


Let's imagine,

You love a charm girl, but you're too shy to say 'the word' to her.
It's been years since you and she 've met but you're just friends.

Oneday, you wrote your heart and concealed it into a picture.
(The picture was a... It can be anything let's think it a photoraph of K2 mt.
and there was a text "friendship" on the picture.)

And sent it to her by e-mail. She said "Thank you" and she put the picture
as wallpaper of her desktop computer.

Hit by chance, she downloaded 'Secretpicture' and loaded her
desktop wallpaper....

"SecretPicture" asked her to enter a password.
"Hmmm a password?" she thought. "what about '1111'?"
Yes, it was on the picture. and it was the right password.
Tada~. the 'SecretPicture' show your message to her..

How's it?
Cool huh?.